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August 19, 2020by admin
What is energy intelligence?


Project Scope
İstinye Park Mezzaluna

This project covers below monitoring points: Main, Kitchen, Fryer, 7 HVACs
The inavitas energy intelligence platform has controlled all HVACs. They are started to work when the restaurant is open until the last staff finishes his/her work. Then all turned off.

Bomonti Ada The Populist

This project covers below monitoring points;
Main, Second-floor panel, Kitchen at 3rd floor, Lift, Ground floor, Brewery mechanical panel, D block mechanical, Common areas mechanical panel, Populist mechanical panel, Outdoor lightings, MCC-1 ve MCC-2 panels

İstinye Park Mezzaluna Analysis

The most consuming units according to Graph 1 below; Kitchen (%68-%90),  HVACs, (%10- %30), Others loads

Graph 1 : İstinye Park Mezzaluna Consumption Trend
Bomonti Ada The Populist Analysis

The most consuming units according to Graph 2 below; Ground Floor (%60-%65), Mechanic Panel (%20-%25), Others loads

Graph 2 : Bomonti Ada Consumption Trend

Unnecessary usage of electricity is prevented by controlling HVACs according to working hours as seen in Graph 3.


Graph 3: İstinye Park Mezzaluna HVAC Consumption Trend

The comfort level has been provided by giving set points to HVACs.  Sensors have been controlled remotely according to the predefined temperature range.

Graph 4 The optimum temperature range is between 20 °C and 25 °C for customers and staff.

Graph 4: İstinye Park Mezzaluna Temperature Trend in February


* January 2020 Commercial Tariff

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