Alper Terciyanlı

Chief Executive Officer

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in the Renewable Energy Industry

Endoks Energy Systems

I am dedicated to make the vision of Endoks and  inavitas energy intelligence platfom a reality: to elevate the renewables industry to be the preferred choice to fulfil the world’s energy needs.
I’m very proud to be the guy leading the growth of Endoks and inavitas in businesses,  utilities, and renewables markets.
My areas of expertise are power systems, power quality, medium/high power converters, and distribution systems.
I worked with the national research institute of Turkey for more than 10 years, and managed many turn-key projects in power quality and energy management.
After the establishment of Endoks, I started to focus more on IoT and energy management.
I have been working on smart grids, IoT-based technologies for energy management, and integration of renewables for the last seven years.
Over this time, I have refined my expertise of the renewable energy industry and technologies.
I work in renewables because I believe that we need innovative solutions to sustain our planet while providing reliable energy and sustainable growth.
We need these answers today because tomorrow will be too late.
This knowledge motivates me to work on technologies that promote a green future for our kids.
In fact, I often think of these things when I’m enjoying some down time with my lovely daughters.
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