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Usage of the Internet of Things and SCADA Systems In the utility sector, monitoring the whole grid with Industrial IoT monitors or controls and SCADA systems has already started to be one of the critical problems to solve because of the changing nature of the grid. How Utilities Are Using the Industrial Protocols in Different...


Development and Future of Digitalisation Introduction to Digitalisation Transformation Imagine this: you live in a world where the majority of electricity generated in the city is renewable. All roofs are equipped with photovoltaic panels, enabling electricity consumers to become independent electricity producers. Imagine a world in which energy supplies are decentralised, and energy suppliers are...


The Problems on the Horizon for Electricity Distribution Companies in the Distribution Grid 2.0 A New Era: Distributed Systems The spirit of this new process will be a transition from central to local, from analog to digital and from big/heavy to small/light systems. A disruptive transformation is mandated because of the ending economical life of...


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