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Energy Intelligence for Businesses

Inavitas business is a real-time energy intelligence platform that provides customized energy efficiency and management solutions for all scale of businesses to reduce the burden of energy costs and to increase energy efficiency.
Energy Problems in Businesses
Sky-high electricity bills
Unnecessary/wasted consumption
Reactive/demand penalties
Metering problems or incorrect bills
Wrong tariff selection
Inefficient/problematic equipment
Not knowing what’s power hog
Inavitas Business empowers you to
Minimise your bills by intelligently monitoring and managing
Reduce by detecting your consumption
Avoid by tracking and controlling
Confirm and spot by analysing
Find the most economical tariff specific to you
Locate and eliminate by monitoring consumption
Highlight by looking at sub-circuits

Goal Setting Option for consumption or billing cost

Trend analysis to compare production and consumption over defined periods

Smart Tariff Adviser

Automated Alarms and Reports

Centralized management, Benchmarking Between Units

Easy integration to other systems. Operates independently of brands and models.

Why inavitas business?

• Customized dashboards for different market segments
• Brain of your business utilizing energy data for actionable intelligence
• Easy to use and aesthetic interface
• Single platform monitoring and management
• Advanced decision and support analysis

Restaurants & Cafes
Chain Stores
Oil Stations

How it works?

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