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Energy Intelligence for Homes

with Demand Response Ready

Inavitas is a real-time monitoring solution for homeowners who want to reduce
their electricity bills and monitor their solar production. Unlike conventional
home energy monitoring solutions, inavitas is quite user-friendly and enables you to
control and monitor your energy usage

About DRR

Inavitas presents a ground-breaking energy management solution, DRR-Home, which enables consumers and prosumers to be a stakeholder in the new era of distributed and digitized energy world. DRR-Home transforms the conventional passive residential users to active players in the market with their own nano-grids, which are meant to be operated at their optimums.

Thus, with the help of the DRR-Home, the smart integration of renewables, energy efficiency, and other sustainable solutions across sectors will help to achieve decarbonization at the lowest possible cost. The DRRhome solution will realize a reduction of 15% on CO2 emissions per house. This will result in an energy reduction of 80 TWh in Europe annually based on annual household energy consumption.

The DRR-home will also improve home average energy saving with 10% and leading to energy cost reduction for the prosumer of € 3.55 – € 5.05 per month with or without an aggregator. DRR-Home has the potential to scale-up quickly for around 100.000 DRR-Homes per year, which will suffice until 2025. Nevertheless, this unique product will have a huge positive impact in making the EU’s economy sustainable, by contributing to solving climate and environmental challenges.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Inavitas works with any energy system. Even with energy monitoring alone, you can save up to 7% off your electricity bill.​

Get A Return On Your Solar Investment Faster

Get a return on your solar investment faster with our intelligent and tailored energy management system.

Make Your Impact On The Environment

Implementing a smart, clean energy-friendly solution will give you peace of mind.​

More Monitoring for More Efficiency

No more surprises. If your appliance is not performing well, you will know well ahead of time.

User Friendly

We specialise in providing easy-to-use, simple systems that are a joy to interact with and make your day-to-day better.

Multi-Platform Support

Manage your home energy from your smartphone or any other smart device.

Map & Visual Design Quickly retrieve information

Implementing a smart user-friendly solution to make technology understandable for everyone

Set Alerts

Be notified and control your appliances remotely.

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