inavitas plant
Energy Intelligence for Renewables

Inavitas plant is a real-time energy intelligence platform that provides performance monitoring and management solutions for renewables.

Energy Problems in Plants
Long time detecting faults
Login to countless platforms
Lack of holistic monitoring
Hard to reduce production losses
Underutilized work force
Inavitas Plant empowers you to
IoT based energy analytics solution and fault detecting capabilities
Flexible and brand independent design
Big data with advanced analytics to focus on performance
Reduce losses with predictive O&M and customized alarm
Optimizing and effective management of workforce

Device and platform independent structure

User friendly, flexible interface

Efficient portfolio management

Workforce Management

Production forecasting

Customisable and manageable reports and alarms

Why inavitas plant?

• Stay connected with your plant
• Increase the life of your renewable power plant
• Have single platform monitoring and management
• Maximise your revenue & production
• Easy access to dedicated, renewable passionate technology team

How it works?

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