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At any place where precise, cost-effective and ICT enabled energy management is required.

Master Controller Unit

MCU series is a small and compact industrial controller based on a 32-bit 216 MHz ARM CPU. With
user-friendly software and hardware, the user can keep application development quick and simplified.
MCU can take almost any role in remote utility applications such as solar power plants and electricity
distribution substations. It combines GPRS/GSM modem, digital inputs, outputs and datalogger in a single
device.Device with built-in 2 digital inputs and outputs and has ethernet and serial communication ports
for flexible connectivity to SCADA, field devices and remote control systems.

For any application where precise, cost-effective and ICT enabled energy management is required…

Smart Energy Manager

SEM is a compact and highly capable monitoring and control device for commercial, industrial and utility based energy management applications. It supports most of the common industrial communication protocols ( Modbus, IEC104, IEC62056 etc.) as well as those being used for IoT applications (REST, MQTT, CoAP etc.). Owing to its embedded click-on communication board, you can choose any type of media over GSM, Wi-fi, Ethernet, Zigbee or Lora. SEM’s power measurement feature provides monitoring of two three-phase circuits simultaneously with a sampling rate of 3.2kHz. Besides, it has an SD Card option up to 32GB to restore data even if there is a loss of communication. Its embedded and expandable digital inputs and outputs make it very easy to have more information from other communicable devices opening the door to a world of connectivity and control.

Power Meter Unit

Inavitas PMU (Power Meter Unit) is a new generation network analyzer that measures and enables real time monitoring of energy parameters. Inavitas PMU (Power Meter Unit) monitors up to 5 channel three phase circuits or 15 channel single phase circuits or any combination of single or three phase circuits.

This flexibility makes Inavitas PMU perfect for multi-tenant facilities such as distribution substations,
office buildings, data centers and shopping malls. The user can monitor all energy parameters in real time and configure current and voltage polarities, transformer ratios and serial communication settings easily via Inavitas PMU user interface software.

ESU 101
Environmental Sensor Unit

ESU 101 is s cost-effective environmental sensor which is also equipped with Infra Red (IR) controller
for split-type Air Conditioners. Thanks to its flexible design, ESU 101 has a learning mode which enables the device to be used with almost all split-type ACs. It has an RS-485 interface supporting Modbus/RTU protocol for SCADA applications.

Power Supply Unit

PS can be used with all Endoks’s intelligent devices. It has 85-265VAC 50/60 Hz input and 5V, 2A output. Its output can be adjusted by its pot type resistor. Thanks to its small footprint, it can be used in spacelimited applications.

Why inavitas?

Inavitas is a cutting edge energy intelligence platform for utilities, renewables, businesses and homes.


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