VP, Innovations

Özgür Güven was born in Giresun. After graduating Ankara Science High School (Ankara Fen Lisesi) in 1992, he received his BSc degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Middle East Technical University in 1997.

After working as an R&D engineer in different companies between 1997-2003, he worked at Vestel between 2003-2015. He started working as a Project Manager at Vestel R&D and worked as a Product Manager at foreign trade and domestic market sales companies for more than 10 years, and finally as Deputy General Manager of Corporate Sales. He worked as Sales and Marketing Director at Simfer in 2016 and as R&D Director at Sipil Teknoloji A.Ş. between 2017-2018.

During his 24 years of engineering, product management, sales and marketing experience, he started with design, especially in the field of consumer electronics and white goods products, and gained experience in product management, sales, marketing and business development.

He has a wide range of business development, sales, product development and project management experience in consumer electronics and large household appliances industry with a strong technical background on several consumer products such as LCD/LED TVs, digital signage displays, smartphones, PC devices, washing machines, dishwashers and small domestic appliances.

He started working in Inavitas R&D as VP of Innovation, and he is responsible for business development of new EV charger network area. He is editor-in-chief for Ankara Fen Lisesi Alumni Association Magazine.

He likes classic American car restoration and repair, keeping Tanganyika fish aquarium, listening to music, driving, biking, watching science & technology and history documentaries, reading on technology and science, history, economy and politics.


Özgür Güven

VP, Innovations

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