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Let’s grow your business while adding value towards a sustainable future

Inavitas is a cutting-edge energy intelligence platform for utilities, renewables, businesses, and homes, enabling energy savings. Inavitas
offers partners the opportunity to market a comprehensive solution
to help their customers manage and save their energy. A partnership
with inavitas provides a continuous income and transforms its partner’s business at outstanding levels.

Here are five reasons we think you will unlock the benefits of being
our partner.

        1) Continuous Revenue Stream

Our partners continue to generate income, and we ensure your customers
will be satisfied with your business service by offering the most flexible energy management systems with our strong support.

        2) Depth of Knowledge

Inavitas team includes electrical engineers, IoT engineers, data scientists, IT engineers who have a wealth of knowledge and a strong background and extensive experience on their subject. We combine not only IT knowledge but also OT operation experience, which is solid on energy management.

        3) Customised Solutions

Inavitas offers customised solutions for its partners’ or their customers’ specific energy-saving needs and for their energy efficiency projects on time.

        4) Scalability

Inavitas has a proven success with its big data and scalability as 4000 supermarkets on board and counting for more in addition to its other customers. This success comes from its strong technical capability.

        5) Training and Empowerment

Inavitas will do whatever it takes to ensure your business is thriving and will support its partners with its trainings, ongoing technical support.
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