Serdar Yılmaz

VP of Global Sales

Empowering Businesses and People

My role in sustainable energy is like a puzzle that I solve every day: connecting people to the right data and the right technology for maximum efficiency. I am highly capable of increasing efficiency in all the life cycles of energy, from generation through transmission/distribution, right up to consumption. I enable businesses and people to make smarter decisions with the help of data analytics and the implementation of modern, affordable, and cutting-edge technologies.

I specialise in the implementation of:

• Remote and Real-Time PV – Wind power generation plants performance monitoring (large scale/commercial/residential)

• Smart Grid – Remote and real-time Power Quality Monitoring at both the network level and consumer side) I’m excited to be part of the solution.

  • Connect with me on LinkedIn for more news and updates on the renewable energy industry, particularly the latest technology.

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