Inavitas aims to be the name of innovation in the “Energy Management” with its unique features

We are

T4E, a sister company of ENDOKS, is an engineering company which has been developing technologies for efficiency just as mentioned on its name. T4E has been developing innovative software products for energy management and renewables with its eligible human resources and co-founders having more than 15 year experience on this market. T4E, as being a pioneer in the market, is always beside you with its products which help you increasing energy efficiency, lowering carbon foot-print and protecting the environment…

  • Energy Management Software
  • Renewables
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Quality
  • Hardware Design
  • INAVITAS supports you to make right decision with its powerful analytic tools.

Lets you monitor, analyze and manage your smart devices.”

Thanks to Inavitas, product family of T4E for “decision makers” at all levels, now it is possible to monitor, analysis and make right decisions on-time for investment, operation and maintenance purposes from generation up to single end-customer.

  • Provides information by using your big data
  • Consolidates multiple data sources in a single platform
  • Increases your overall system performance and productivity
  • Supports you to take right decisions on time
  • Fulfills your various requirements on a single platform.
  • Lets you reach your device data from anywhere at any time.


Inavitas lets you monitor almost all your devices supporting industrial communication protocols such as Modbus, DNP3.0, IEC60870-5-101/104 and IEC61850. By 2016, more than 10k devices (40 different brands and 60 different models) have been monitoring by Inavitas on a real-time basis.


Increasing energy efficiency

Inavitas provides you not only data, but also information with its improved analytics tools. You can analyze the big data coming from many devices, and evaluate the efficiency of your system. Inavitas lets you have valuable information just within seconds, and increase your energy efficiency.

Better decision making

In order to get right decisions, we always need true information on time. Inavitas provides you what you exactly need for making your decisions better with its improved dashboards and detailed analyses.


Inavitas lets you have your own control on your assets… You can control your devices through Inavitas, and have a better and efficient system. You do not need complicated systems and big investments any more to manage your devices.


Inavitas Meteo - Wind and solar measurement monitoring

Inavitas Solar - Performance monitoring for solar power plants

Inavitas Wind - Monitoring and analysis for wind farms

Solar Power

Instant monitoring of production and measurement values of solar power plants

Central analysis of collected data and information

Calculation of performance ratio, detection of factors effecting the performance
of the power plant and reporting of results to the decision makers

Wind Power

Monitor your entire wind power plants centrallyp

Generation of detailed analysis and calculation of power performance ratio

Wind Energy and Meteorological Forecasting for short and medium terms

Smart Buildings

  • Inavitas Flex - Energy monitoring and efficiency evaluation system for all size of enterprises
  • Inavitas SMI - Smart monitoring and management for meters
  • Inavitas UPS - Remote monitoring for UPS and Battery systems

Inavitas, “Smart Buildings” solutions
  • Web-based remote building management system
  • Support for standard protocols such as BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus and oBIX (Open Building Information eXchange)
  • Seamless integration regardless of manufacturer
  • Scalable communication with standard protocols among networks, controllers and sensors

Inavitas Features

Dynamic Dashboard

Lets you have an easy access to summarized and valuable information about your assets just on a single page


Inavitas’ reporting tool lets you have various reports which are not only providing the information you need, but also complying with many international standards.


Inavitas’ unique alarm tool notifies you about any change on the data coming from your devices on real time basis by email, SMS or audio - visual notification.


Lets you monitor and manage your all assets on a single map which can be integrated to your existing GIS.


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